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Grant Deed Vs. Quitclaim Deed

Grant Deed Vs. Quitclaim Deed

What is the Difference?

According to Provident Title Company: Here's there explanation
Before the sale or purchase of a piece of property, It is always a good idea to be aware of the various kinds of deeds that may be offered on that property by the seller. 

California registers the transfer of real property from a seller to a buyer with a "deed". Not all real estate ownership is the same, different types of deeds are used to transfer property from a seller to a buyer. The general warranty deed, better known as a Grant Deed is a legal document that conveys (transfers) the greatest level of ownership, or "title", in real estate from a seller, or "grantor", to a buyer, "grantee". It conveys title with such legal terms a "warrant generally" or convey and warrant," and guarantees that the grantor is legal owner of the property. The grantor offers six specific warranties to the grantee that are not offered by any other deed. 

Six Warranties
The seller offers the greatest level of buyer protection with a general warranty deed through six specific warranties. The seller promises that he / she owns the property and has the legal right to sell it. 

Warrants that the title is free of any liens and encumbrances, except those that may be specifically noted in the deed, and guarantees that the title is superior to any other title that may exist on the property. 

Finally, the grantor promises to get any required legal documents that may be needed to make the grantee's title good, and will defend the grantee's title against all legal claims that may be made against it, including compensation the grantee for any loss should the title
prove faulty. These six warranties cover the property from its beginning to the end  of the grantee's ownership in the future. 

A deed has commonly been defined as any instrument, or written document, signed, sealed and delivered, which conveys land or an interest in property. 

Grant Deed: 
A grant deed is much like a general warranty deed in that it also conveys the property and provides many of the usually warranties, but not all. Usually the warranties are limited to a promise that the land was not previously conveyed and that the land is not encumbered other than as noted on the deed, Other than that, typically no other warranties are made. 

Quitclaim Deed
is the simplest of all deeds. It is a deed without warranties, executed by a party simply to convey his interest in the property and nothing more, allowing him to walk away without any further obligations whatsoever. Literally, this deed allows you to quit any claim you have to a piece of property. 

Important Differences
The important difference between a quitclaim deed and a grant deed is any warranties that the deed provides regarding the title to the property. Because a quitclaim deed lacks the usual warranties, it is possible that a person executing this deed has a bad title or no title at all to  a given piece of property. A person takes a quitclaim deed at their own risk.

Requirements and instructions for recording you deed Recording Instructions
Preliminary change of ownership: Required to be filed with the Deed
Grant Deed and Acknowledgment : Grant Deed


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#Serious #Sellers Must See This

Anybody Can Put a For Sale Sign on Their Yard.. But a Professional Gets it SOLD!!

Is the agent on line? Social Media? google his / her name to see their marketing techniques.. example (DanTheRealEstateMan). 

With 92% of homebuyers starting their house hunting on line and don't expect them to get in the car to see your home if the online listings aren't compelling.. Lots of exterior and interior pictures. 

A VIRTUAL TOUR  creates the most buyer interest and will generate the most activity and buyer inquiry on your home, as a result your home sells faster and for a higher price..  LaPalmaVirtualTour

This separates a lot of real estate agents who just aren't interested and shy away from any extra expense on their part to generate a higher volume of activity which leads to faster sale for the client (homeowner). 

Beat the competition with the condition of your home, consider having a termite inspection in advance, this will eliminate any sudden surprises when the inspection is ordered during escrow. 

Have a home inspection done up front before you open an escrow even though this is negotiable and is usually a buyer cost the home inspection if already done and any questionable items are taken care of will eliminate a potential headache for both the buyer and the seller especially is you the seller have already made an offer or are very interested in another property. Having it taken care of in advance will be a big relief for both parties and the selling process will go a lot smother.   Is a Home Inspection Important    

A lot more can be said for curb appeal and interior condition but for now the Virtual Tour (only if the home has been staged property and excess furniture / Pictures on walls / clutter has been remove )

Home Inspection are considered high priority in generating good quality buyers and activity and a HASSLE FREE ESCROW.. Which leads to a great Selling Experience.. Any Questions Please Don't Hesitate To Send Me A Comment. 

Knowing The Value Of Your Home Is Key To Your Decision Making

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