Monday, November 7, 2016

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What Are Your Light bulbs Costing You? 

Are you choosing the right light bulbs for your home? It would seem to be a purchase that would require a lot of thought, but bulbs are something you should consider. click through to learn about these taken for granded purchases: Full Article

Is A Mother _ In_Law Suite Right for You?

If the possibly of having to care for your elderly parent is in the future, one option - is a mother_in _ law suite. What if you can't afford to move them into a retirement or care facility? If you haven't looked into a home with a mother _ in _ law suite, maybe you should take a look at a house with an add-on apartment. Full Article

Smart Tips for Buying A Fixer_Upper:

Buying a fixer-upper sounds great, and on TV they make it look like a sweet deal. But is it really? Fixer upper can be a diamond in the rough, or they can be huge money pits that swallow up all your hard earned $ dollars. You will have a better chance of making a success of it if you follow these 10 Full Article

5 Reasons Your Home Insurance Premiums Went Up
Wondering why your home insurance premiums spiked last month? Or just interested in cautionary facts about the inner working of home insurance? Home insurance premiums are an important part of homeownership. So what are the reasons for insurance premiums going up?
Full Article

Over 1000 Closed Escrows

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